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Oneonta Block Company

Miscellaneous Bag Products

Cement / Foundation Coating - Masonry/Mortar/Portland - Premix - Concrete Repair/Patch/Grout - Sand - Spec Mix

Bentonite Holeplug

50 Lb. Benseal® Sealing and Plugging Agent

BENSEAL® sealing and plugging agent is a granular (8-mesh), natural Wyoming sodium bentonite for use in sealing and grouting well casings and earthen structures. BENSEAL agent is not recommended for use as a drilling mud.

Type 'S' Hydrated Lime

50 Lb. Super Limoid Type S for Mortar

SUPER LIMOID® S Mason’s Lime is a fine-grind, white, high-purity dolomitic lime, fully hydrated for immediate use. When properly combined with portland cement and sand, it creates a lime mortar having superior performance and ageless durability.

Recommended for all Type M, S, N and 0 cementlime mortar (ASTM C270) applications in interior and exterior masonry walls.

Blacktop Patch

50 Lb. Blacktop Repair

QUIKRETE® High Performance Blacktop Repair (No. 1701-52, -62) is a specifically formulated high performance asphalt cold patch material for repairing potholes and cracks over 1" (25.4 mm) wide in asphalt pavements. It is suitable for use on roads, driveways, parking lots, and walkways. All-season formulation is suitable for making permanent repairs in wet or dry conditions.