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Cement / Foundation Coating - Masonry/Mortar/Portland - Concrete Repair/Patch/Grout - Sand - Miscellaenous - Spec Mix

80# Bag Quikrete® Concrete Mix - Portland, Sand, Stone, Gravel, Additives

Consists of a uniformly blended, properly proportioned mixture of stone, gravel, sand, Portland cement and other ingredients approved for use in concrete. For pouring concrete 2" thick or more and building or repairing anything out of concrete: Foundation walls and footings, Sidewalks, curbs, steps, ramps and walkways, Pipe and post footings, Floor slabs and patios, Driveway repairs

Certification: ASTM C387

Mixing: For each 80 lb bag of Concrete Mix to be mixed, add approximately 6 pt of water. Add water until a workable mix is obtained

Yield: An 80 lb bag yields approximately .60 cubic feet

80# Bag Quikrete® Type N Mortar (Mason) Mix - Portland, Lime, Sand

QUIKRETE® Mortar Mix (No. 1102) is a blend of masonry cement and graded sand , designed to meet ASTM C 270 for Type N Mortar. Just add water.

Certification: ASTM C 270

Mixing: Add 9 pints of water. Add more water if needed to achieve the correct consistency.

Yield: 12 Standard Block (8" x 8" x 16") per 80 lb bag OR 37 Standard Brick (8" x 2" x 4") per 80 lb bag

80# Bag Quikrete® Sand/Topping Mix - Portland, Sand, Additives

Consists of a uniformly blended mixture of sand and Portland cement and other ingredients approved for use in high strength mortars. Formulated for placing concrete overlays less than 2" thick. It is also used for patching and leveling steps, walks and floors. Use for Chimney caps, Large crack repairs, Thick setting beds for ceramic floor tile, Filling cores in masonry block or brick.

Certification: ASTM C387

Mixing: 8 pt water. per 80 lb. Add more water if needed to achieve correct consistency (Max 12 pt) For patches less than 1" thick, replace part of the mixing water with Acrylic Fortifier for improved bonding. Add directly to the mix at the rate of 1/2 gal per 80 lb.

Yield: Approximately 0.66 cubic feet

Spec Mix Type 'S'
Type 'S' - SMPLS80
1800 PSI

Type 'N' - SMPLN80
750 PSI

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80# Bag Commercial Spec Mix Portland/Lime 'S' & 'N' - Portland, Lime

A pre-blended mortar mix containing Portland cement and lime, masonry cement or mortar cement and dried masonry sand. May be used above or below grade when manufactured to appropriate specification.

Certification: ASTM C-270, C-476, C-926

Mixing: Mixing must be accomplished by using a mechanical mortar mixer to ensure homogeneity and workability. Using clean, potable water, add the maximum amount consistent with optimum workability.