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All Purpose Sand


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70 Lb. Bag Quikrete All Purpose Sand - washed, properly graded coarse sand

Use for: 
Underlayment for Brick Pavers
Mixing with Portland cement and gravel to make concrete.
Traction on Snow and Ice

Certification:  ASTM C33

Patriot Blast Blasting Sand

Med. #1240
Fine #2040

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50# Patriot Blast Blasting Sand

PATRIOT – BLAST - Medium grade coal slag abrasive is used for general purpose applications. Removal of mill scale, rust and paint stripping on structural steel, ships, bridges.

PATRIOT - BLAST - Fine grade coal slag abrasive is used for light paint and rust removal and new construction application. Removal of light mill scale, light rust and light paint stripping on new structural steel, bridges, frames and trucks.

Silica White Blasting Sand

Med. ♦ SS1 #øøø
Fine ♦ SS3 #ø

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100# Silica White Blasting Sand

Quality control program ensures consistent and repeatable grain size for sand blasting

Certification: ASTM C144, C404, C897