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Precast Concrete Lintels

Solid Lintel Spec / U Bond Beam Lintel Spec / MSDS

Comply with ACI codes and ASTM standards. Detailed capacity tables prepared by a structural engineer and depic the maximum allowable load, bending moment and maximum shear. A safety factor is calculated into all lintels. Precast lintels maintain a 1 1/2 hour fire rating, surpassing that of untreated wood or steel spanning products.

U-shaped lintels in 6×8, 8×8
- LABOR SAVINGS – Simply set the U-Lintel in place, rebar and grout, and continue laying the next course. No need to square-up multiple wythes of bond beams.
- TIME SAVINGS – Since one U-Lintel is placed in lieu of multiple bond beams, significant time can be saved.
- FLEXIBILITY – Provides many variations in reinforcing within the U-Lintel, allowing for different-sized rebar, depending on the project needs.
- ELIMINATE STRUCTURAL STEEL LINTELS – Typical problems associated with structural steel lintels such as lengthy fabrication lead times, corrosion, lack of fire resiliency and differential movement at the supports are eliminated by using concrete U-Lintels.

- 4" x 8" Lintels is 28 Lbs per Linear Foot
- 6" x 8" Lintels is 41 Lbs per Linear Foot
- 6" x 8" U Bottom Bond Beam Lintels is 34 Lbs. per Linear Foot
- 8" x 8" U Bottom Bond Beam Lintels is 39 Lbs. per Linear Foot